Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yep, I dropped the ball . . . big time.

I have said, if there is anything I am currently a professional at, it is a packer. Pack, unpack, repack has been our mantra this year. This week alone we have laid our heads in five different places, ai- ya! I have prided myself in how well we have done up until this week at holding the pieces together. We hadn’t lost one thing and have managed to simulate normal life in many unnormal conditions (Dubai airport floor, Greyhound bus, friend’s living rooms etc). Then this week hit. First we lost the keys to Jason’s Aunt’s condo. Then yesterday Jason lost his wallet. But the kicker was today when Jason went to check in for his flight to New Zealand and handed the lady Annette’s passport!!! Apparently she had a very surprised expression on her face. I had packed Jason with the wrong passport, then driven four hours with the kids up to my parents’ house. Tonight I was balling my eyes out knowing that possibly Jason would now miss his brother’s wedding- this Saturday!! I was getting set to hop in the car and drive four hours back to LA to deliver the passport.

Whew, deep breath. You’ll be happy to know my amazing husband handled the situation better than me. He is booked for tomorrow’s flight (no transfer fees- a God thing and it probably didn’t hurt that he has such long eyelashes), he will drive up tomorrow to get the passport, back to LA and then land in Auckland the morning of the wedding!!!! Please pray for each of those steps to be smooth.

Last night I was listening to a message from Heidi Baker that I had missed at Harvest School. She was talking about the messy realities of ministry and said, “It is so over- rated to have it all together all the time.” I know what she means. Personally, I love being “together”. I feel so empowered by organization and knowing where everything is. But despite my utmost striving, I am not together all the time. And I love that even in that low moment there is grace and there is freedom. So this is me, being wrecked. No cute photos, no amazing testimony. Just a tired mom who dropped the ball and is learning to be okay with it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Northern California Trip

I am a little late in posting this, but I wanted to share a few moments with you from our trip to Northern California. We pretty much drove the furthest distance you can in California, from San Diego to Redding. The trip took about nine hours, but we got to enjoy the company of Jen, who drove up with us. The big occasion was meeting Matt's soon-to-be-bride Karina. They are such a dynamic, incredible couple and we loved getting to see their lives, work, ministries and friends. They were so generous to host us in the midst of preparing for a wedding just weeks away. We were able to spend some fun times together a you can see. . .

Turtle Bay Exploration Center in Redding- so much fun for kids

Uncle Matt is a kid at heart!!!
Auntie Karina made crowns with the kids. Josiah said "I'm so 'ehsited' to have my new Auntie Karina!"

The three daughter- in- laws with Mama Paine. Gerry flew up for the weekend.
We had a bridal shower/ bachlorette party for Karina and things got a little
wild at the Spice Lounge (:
We drove up to Mt. Shasta for a fun snow play day. It was the first time the kids had ever experienced snow! Josiah immediately began throwing snowballs, while Annette just stood frozen in one spot. Being the sub- tropical people that we are, we were seriously lacking in the snow gear department. We improvised with plastic bags on their hands and feet. It worked great and we all had a blast.

We went a little out of our way on our way back to San Diego to explore San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Of course the boys got a little crazy!
Rowing our boat at Golden Gate Park
The Coastal Redwoods in Santa Cruz. Don't you just love little people next to big trees?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Annette is Two!!

Horray! Today our bubbly, energetic, fun- loving, spirited little girl turns TWO!!! Jason and I remember so clearly March 12, 2010 at Prince of Wales hospital when we waited hand in hand for Annette to arrive. We reminisced about how fast my labor went, how eager Annette was to make her appearance, how tiny she was (only 5 pounds!), and how she hasn't slowed down since!
Yesterday we had a backyard family BBQ at Jason's parents house to celebrate Annette's day. Jason's brother, Mike, and my sister, Angela, drove down from LA. We were also blessed with the presence of our friend from Mozambique, Kahterine, who happened to be in San Diego for the week. It was so fun celebrating together!!

Annette was VERY into being the birthday girl and so excited about her pink butterfly cake. She loved the attention, blowing out her candles, opening gifts, and even let us blindfold her for "pin the antenna on the butterfly".

We love Auntie Angela!!

Trying out her new clothes and smart phone (:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bye Bye February

I realized I have not posted many photos recently. So before we get too far into March, here is a slice of February. . .

Fun with Naana

Jason added Annette's name to our "family tree"

Super Bowl Party on Sunday (in HK it is on Monday)
Avila Beach- we spontaneously swung by the beach, that's why the kids are stripped down to their underwear!

Fire Station Tour

Aunt Terilee's 30th Birthday
Twin Day, thank you Emily!
Valentine's Day

Uncle Mike is so fun!
Beautiful Nicole's Wedding (Nicole was my college roommate- love her!)

Cousin Matthew visits So Cal
Sunny San Diego
Building with Grandpa. They made this toolbox (complete with *real* tools) and a table together

Josiah took his first flight in Bluebird!! A 4th generation pilot?

Playing with Grandma's pearls