Wednesday, October 12, 2011

update pemba

We have been in Pemba now for nearly 2 weeks and are thriving. It was nice having already been in Africa for 3 weeks we felt like we could hit the ground running. The Iris base in Pemba is the headquarters for the ministry and is a beehive of activity. It is really amazing what goes on. They are constantly growing not just in the base but in northern Mozambique as well. For instance they just broke ground on a hospital on the 10th and are building a baby house for the 30+ children under 3 at the same time. Heidi and Rolland flew in taught a week of classes and are now spanning the globe again going to conferences in Norway. It has been amazing to hear from these guys speak about their perspective while going 100 mph!! Just in the last 10 days these events give testimony to ministry in Africa and continual revival.
1) One of Heidi's adopted sons accidentally hit a boy, escaped a mob trying to kill him, and was held in the police station. While in the station the other prisoners started rioting shouting that he is a murderer and should be in with them. While at first terrified, in the power of the Spirit he told the chief of police to let him in. The chief refused exclaiming that the mob would kill him. He responded with "Greater is He that is in me than the rouser of the mob." He proceeded to enter the jail, quieted the mob, preached the gospel, calling on them to repent. Within 30 minutes 40 prisoners gave their lives to the Lord. The rest of the night was spent in worship.
2) 18 year old was taken up into a vision of heaven for 3 hours
3) Rolland was at the verge of death after Christine and I had just seen him running on the beach.
4) A diamond fell in the midst of people while they worshiped.
5) Witchcraft was found in the vehicle of the base leaders vehicles.

The reality of the spiritual is very real both in the Kingdom of light and darkness.

The greatest experiences we've had though have been worshiping African style, hearing about living from a place of love, and ministering with and to other students.

Josiah and Annette have been doing great. Josiah is at home with the children, sticks and dirt. Annette goes with the flow and melts the hearts of visitors and Africans alike.

Christine will be going on weekly outreaches to a nearby village to help with the babies and mothers's breastfeeding. Jason will be going to the local prison and ministering every Wednesday.

When there is no class we have taken advantage of going to the beach and the village. We saw whales breaching just 400meters off shore!! Josiah likes to poke the jellyfish with his sticks and Annette enjoys clanging the shells together.

Christine will hopefully be able to upload photos soon.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


  1. This is amazing. I would love to hear more about these experiences since we don't 'see' them much here in the States. I have been very interested in these types of things lately. This sounds incredible!

  2. So great to hear what's going on over there. I was just thinking today about e-mailing you and letting you know that I'm praying for you. :)

  3. Yeah! So glad to hear you are alive and doing well. You are continuously in our thoughts and prayers. Love to you all, EMily

  4. You truly are moving in God's moment. What things you will have to share!! May God continue to show you great and mighty things. Love you :)

  5. Keep the notes coming, guys and we'll keep on praying!