Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hi friends!!! Are you getting in the holiday spirit? We are wondering how the tree in Festival Walk HK looks and thinking about you beautiful California people stringing up lights on your houses. It doesn't feel at all like Christmas here as the temperature and humidity are building up to a southern hemisphere summer. Sweet Jesus! But on the positive side you will be relieved to know that in Mozambique Christmas is not at all commercialized (:

It feels like we have been in Africa for- ev-ver. It has been three months and long enough to get over the cultural honeymoon. We still love the people, but among things that are getting really old food is at the top of the list. We made up a game called “Matapas Muscles” to get Josiah to eat his Matapas (a spinachy sauce with lots of gritty sand mixed in) Here he is flexing!

Baby Update
Remember the mama who lost six babies? Here she is with beautiful, CHUBBY Margartia!!! Isn't she the cutest, healthiest baby ever?! We made history in milk clinic this week with the arrival of triplets!! In a country where 1 in 10 babies die before the age of one, triplets can be a real challenge. The triplets were 6 weeks old and named Berta, Bertino, and Bertina. Berta and Bertino were doing quite well (around 2.5 kg each) but little Bertina was only 1.7 kilos (under 4 pounds) and the tinniest baby I have ever held. Just skin and bones, but so beautiful. Please pray LIFE over this little one is Jesus name!!

Chickens in the Ditch
A few weeks ago Jason was coming back to the base from town with some bread and snacks for our family. As he passed the ditch where men had been digging all day in the heat a worker ran up to him asking for a piece of bread because he was hungry. Thinking about hungry kids at home and the hassle of getting to town he said no. To make things more convicting, Heidi had just preached about seeing Jesus in those that are hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and in prison. He sheepishly said sorry and walked on but asked God for mercy. Immediately God said “Jason they are going to be there for a few more weeks, go back and bring food for all of them and give them what you would want.” Usually they eat around noon (rice and beans out of the shovel) so Jason brought 30 grilled chickens and french fries to the workers last Friday. He had tried to arrange this in advance with the foreman, but due to language barrier and logistics was unable to inform him. So, Jason felt a bit silly walking down the road with our stroller piled high with chickens for men who already had lunch. But when he arrived the men were still working because apparently there was no lunch that day. You can imagine their excitement to see Jason and the “frangos”.

While they ate Jason (with an interpreter) thanked the men for their work and shared about the good news of the gospel. About 50 men (several Muslims) listened eagerly and 15 prayed to receive Christ afterwards! He was praying for some sick men when the 'boss' told him it was time to stop because the cement was ready to be poured. But when he realized what Jason was doing he lost his haste and asked Jason if he could please pray for his neck as well! They thanked Jason for coming because evidently it was their last day on the job. The verse he used was John 6:35 “I am the bread of life, He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. Jesus' words, “my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work,” became very real that day to Jason in the revelation that God could use him and some chickens in a ditch!

This week is the last week of school. Tomorrow is commissioning and Thursday is graduation. There are some really incredible speakers here including Will Hart, David Wagner and Mel Tari

Quotes from class:

You can never win what you do not love

Failure is never final where there's a Father

What would you dare to ask God for if you knew you would not be denied?

People need to see a dimension of love they have never seen before

The way you do things is more important that what you do

Live from the inside out

God does not call the equipped, He equips the called

Do we think church is a place where we do things or a place where God does things?

Revival is not a church full of people, it is a person full of God

The way up is down

People without a future will always go back to their past

When you see the invisible, you can do the impossible

What is the other side of your obedience?


  1. I was so happy to read all of this!!! All except the awful food :( I will surely pray for those sweet babies...all of them! Hope you are all well.

  2. Yeah for healthy babies!!! Josiah is looking so much older, wow he is growing up! Can't wait to see you guys when we get back from the US. We are really busy with holiday/fun things. Missed you this morning at our cookie exchange (next year!). Love and prayers!

  3. Thanks for sharing cousin...what sweet stories!