Monday, January 30, 2012

California Moments

I have given my camera a rest this month, but have managed to snap a few photos . . .

My Dad brought out the flag to welcome us to America (:
Jason had a looong birthday that began in Hong Kong and chased the sun to America. He and Mike got to be together on their birthday for the first time in over a decade!! Can you tell which twin lost 20 pounds in Africa?

My parents took the kids to Wal Mart to buy them both bikes. So fun!

Grandmas as the best!!
Cuddle time!!

Aunt Angela drove up from LA to hang out

We love walking to the Old Town Village in Arroyo Grande. When we told Josiah we were going to the village he scratched his head and said, "but there are no Mozambicans!"

My Grandpa, "Papa" is visiting from Minnesota for the month. He is lots of fun and always up for a walk or ice -cream

Speaking of ice-cream, here are the kids outside of the ice cream parlor we went on our first date. Because Jason and I both grew up in Arroyo Grande we take lots of strolls down memory lane

Three generations of California girls
Cuddling Cousin Grayson
Hanging out in the garden . . .
and cooking with Naana
Last but not least Annette is getting to know the toilet Horray!!!

We are really enjoying our time in America. We hope that we can see YOU while we are here. Leave a comment if you want to hook- up.


  1. Me! Me! Me!

    We have to get ALL our Richman babies and preschoolers and toddlers together!!!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you are here!!! I would love to meet you all finally! Send me an email:

  3. Ah, yes please to getting to see the Paines! And I seriously can't get over Annette's eyelashes...what a beauty! The one of the three generations is too sweet. :)