Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snow 'n Sun in Sedona

Here are some more photos from our surprise spring snowstorm. Josiah said in his usual cheerful voice, "it's like stairs up to the car!!"

This is the canyon wall we were camped next to, beautiful but brrrr . . .
Sunday we returned to our campsite to find it buried in snow. The tent was only a couple feet off the ground, but we shoveled the snow off and it popped right back up. Check out our picnic table

Our good friends Billy and Katherine, who we met in Mozambique, live in Flagstaff so we got to hang out with them a lot. They are really incredible people and we value their friendship and the history we share.

By Monday we were in our shorts hiking and playing in the hot desert sun. It was crazy weather and some fun memories that will probably just get more funny with the passage of time.

We are now staying at a cabin in Greer, Arizona where Josiah has blossomed as a fisher man. Tomorrow we are staying with an old friend in New Mexico and from there onto Colorado. If you are along our route give us a shout (Jennifer, we might be able to make our route pass through Kansas City- I'll get back to you on that soon).

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  1. yeah!! great adventures! thanks for the photos