Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ministry of Fun

The house- parents do a great job taking care of the kids' needs here; they send them to private school, cook nutrious food, and teach them responsibilty. All the parents have kids of their own and most work outside jobs (as secutirty guards, teachers, pastors etc) to make ends meet! At the end of the day there are not a lot of resouces left -time, money or energy- to do extra fun things. A lot of what Jason and I have done at Arms of Love is provide fun, simple activities that capture some of the joy and wonder of childhood.

Painting Faces

Girl's Slumber Party


Watching movies around our laptop (:
Bowling for bottles with coconuts
Water fights

Baking cookies

One day I made play dough for Josiah and Annette. The kids were fascinated because they had never seen anything like it. I taught them how to follow the recipe and they whipped up several batches. The next day the boys called me over in the yard, "Ate (Auntie) Christine, look!" They had started several small fires (unsupervised of course) in the yard and were cooking their play- dough "pancakes" and "sausages" over the fire in tin cans. I had to laugh at their idea of playing play- dough!

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  1. Oh, this is awesome! I can't believe how much you guys have fit into your short time there!