Saturday, September 17, 2011

We're in AFRICA!!!

Hello! We are alive and well! We have had an amazing 4 days in Hong Kong, 2 days in flight, and 5 days in Africa. We have not had Internet since we arrived so I will quickly peck away from this Internet cafe. I would love to share some photos but that will have to come later.

- Hong Kong was incredible and really felt like we were "home". We especially savored the familiarity, comfort and quality time with great friends. Ruth Auty organized a potluck while we were back so we got to catch up with 50 friends Thursday evening. Other highlights included going on a date, taking hot showers, and Josiah having lots of play time with his buds. We felt so blessed by our community of friends in HK although our time was too short.
- Sunday night we flew 10 hours to Dubai on the world's largest airplane (Jason could tell you the numbers) with a stopover in Bangkok. We spent some blurry- eyed hours in the Dubai airport before an 8 hour flight to Johannesburg. Flying Emirates was lovely and the kids did well. We even had a surprise when we met Pastor Surprise (that is really his name!) sitting across the isle from us on the flight. Pastor Surprise is a key leader in Iris Ministries and was returning to the children's home we are staying at in South Africa from a conference in "Pismo Beach" Such a crazy small world!
- When we got to our guesthouse in Johannesburg I collapsed onto the bed and fell into the deepest sleep of my life.
- The next morning I felt great and we all got over the 6 hour time change very quickly.
- We met a friend from High School, Chris Hayes, the next morning at the Joburg airport. He is a fellow at Oxford had flown in to speak at a conference. It was so great and surreal to connect with him after so many years.
- We rented a car and drove 4 hours to Nelspruit where we stayed at a beautiful guesthouse at the MercyAir base. We built in this time to rest, get healthy and prepared to serve at the children's home. It was fabulous!
- Safari!! We spent a day in Krugar National Park and it was incredible!! September is the dry season so the animals come close to the road in search of water. We saw elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, zebras, lions, impalas just feet from our car. The kids loved it. . . pictures to come for sure
- We managed to find the Mozambique Consulate (drama) to apply for our visas. Please pray that we are approved for the 90 day visa!
- We arrived yesterday at the Michael's Children's Home. It is full of beautiful, energetic children. We are falling in love! The home is going through a difficult transition and just lost two sets of house parents. There seems to be plenty to do which is a blessing for us. Today Jason went to the Bible School graduation and I stayed home to watch the kids in the baby house. Can't wait to post pictures of the babies!!
- Josiah and Annette are doing well and love Africa (which is actually a very similar climate to San Diego- heavenly). I asked Josiah if he had noticed any people with black skin. He shrugged his shoulders and said very sincerely, "no mommy". Kids are the same everywhere and always make friend so quickly. Not many of the kids can remember my name, but they all know Josiah.
Thanks so much for all of your prayers. We have really felt God's protection and provision each step of the way. God is good!!


  1. Christine, what I wonderful adventure God has called you both to do. Your blog is wonderful and I am now a follower. I always knew you would do a great work and you have.

    God bless you and your family!

  2. I was so happy to read this!! SO SO glad you are all ok and already beginning a wonderful experience with more people, more children, more love, and more God. Tell me what city you are in, or near, because I always set my weather app and time app to wherever you are.

  3. Yay! A post from Africa! PTL that all is going well...

  4. I'm so happy that things have been awesome so far. I cannot believe that you guys met up with Chris Hayes. Oh my gosh! So glad things are great. Go Africa!

  5. yeah! So glad you made it safe and the trip was smooth. Praying for your safety and health!

  6. I have checked your blog at least 2 times a day and so glad to hear a word and especially that all is good. How lucky we are to have this techno of the day!!! I don't know which was more amazing, to hear that Pastor Surprise was in Pismo Beach or that you saw Chris Hayes! I love the comment of Josiah's, as I was wondering how he would react, but I love the heart of a chid who only sees new people to meet and play with. love you guys :)

  7. OH HAPPY!!!! I'm so glad you guys are there and things are going SO WELL! Can't wait to hear more!