Tuesday, February 14, 2012

4 Generations

One thing that made our time in Arroyo Grande so special was getting to spend time with my Dad's Dad, "Papa". I love Papa's sense of humor, quick wit, tenacious joy and love for Jesus. I am so thankful for our time together and it was truly special to have four generations under one roof.

Papa and my Dad are in the middle and my brother Ryan is on the right with baby Grayson.

Then the amazing Terilee just "snapped" a couple shots of my kids and the results I think were just beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. LOVE all these pictures!!! framers for sure!

  2. OH, this is so special! I got teary eyed just looking at the expressions on your dad and Papa's faces!! The kids look GREAT!

  3. It's not a shock that your dad and grandpa are just as darling as the rest of your family :)

  4. I love these pictures! You all look beautiful as always! I was just thinking about you guys this morning and how I miss you..glad to hear the US is treating you well. :)