Thursday, February 23, 2012

Please Take Two Minute and Read This

This was posted to facebook yesterday by our friend Kerri Johnson who we went to school with in Mozambique. It is such a great model to us of what normal, everyday ministry can look like in America. There are times I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to talk to someone but I don't obey. Think if Kerri hadn't . . .

So I have been going to local shops and praying before I go in for who He wants me to pray over, listening to what I hear before I go in and great signs and wonders are happening. So today I was going into Walmart. I prayed before I went in and heard "April" and saw a rose. So I was like, what does that mean? I went in and started to pray for people. I was walking around the store looking for people and I came across a man who was at least 6 feet 5 inches and I heard "pray for Him". So I went over and introduced myself and asked him if I could pray for him. He said "ya, ok." So I started to pray for him and I heared the Lord tell me "family death". So I said "Has anything happen in your family recently?" He said "Yes, my four year old daughter just died 3 weeks ago with cancer." So I asked what her name was and he replied "April Rose and he told me that his wife died during child birth four years ago." I prayed for him and at the end he was sobbing and said to me "thank you. I was going to commit suicide today that is what I was at the store for to get the stuff for it. I didn't think that God heared my prayers anymore and I don't see a reason to live." At which point I told him my testimony of how I had tried to kill myself two times in a row and each attempt failed and I got saved the following day. After I told him this he told me he wanted to know Jesus like that and I got to pray with him and he accepted JESUS AS HIS SAVIOR!!! Thank You Jesus We PRAISE YOU LORD!!!!