Monday, July 2, 2012

9 More Days

I sat down to count up all of the places that our family has stayed from last July 1st when we moved out of our Monte Vista flat to mid July when we will settle back into our new (yet to be discovered) home.  I counted every transition- so a few houses were counted twice, like my parents, if we left and returned. 
Any guesses? 
Drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
That averages out to moving every 5.6 days
We have lived in 7 countries 
in 4 continents 
taken 17 flights
driven through 18 states
and 12,000 miles
No wonder I need a nap (: 
As our time winds down and we prepare to enter into a season of more stability and predictability I feel mixed emotions. Without doubt we are ready to plant ourselves, yet we don’t want to loose our sense of dependence, desperation even, for God.
In Richard Foster’s book “Prayer” he references a term for dynamic change called conversatio morum.  Translated it means “death to status quo” or “constant change”.  Although I’d rather not change my bed every five nights, I do want to be ever changing and transformed into His image. 
So our ongoing challenge is to hold everything loosely. Even as I look at pinterest decorations for our new house and pick out the case for my eagerly awaited iphone God is reminding me to go “low and slow” into Hong Kong.  To not be too easily satisfied with the security this world has to offer and to truly have faith in his promises. . . for  provision, for power, for love that can change lives.
Only 9 more days of this journey. . . .thanks for reading.


  1. You guys are amazing.
    I could never do it!

  2. wow! We can't wait to have you guys back in HK!

  3. Happy tenth!!!! I meant to write you on the 6th and it got away from me. Thinking of you