Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Marathon

Running has been a part of Jason's life for as long as I've known him, but he has mostly raced 5k distance or shorter. He decided this spring since he had "so much time" to finally train for a marathon. Traveling on the road for 2 1/2 months made running a little complicated, but I think he ran in practically every state we passed through.  The training was not without setbacks; getting mono for a month, throwing his back out, tight hamstrings etc. . . . But I so so proud of Jason for pushing through and accomplishing his goal. 
 The race was in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from Portland. 
 At the starting line Josiah started crying and said "I'll miss you daddy". I love the emotion in this photo.
 We cheered for Jason at the 14 mile mark and he looked really fresh and strong. He was smiling and was probably in 12th place, running a pace that would finish him around 3:05, qualifying him for the Boston Marathon.
Daddy's #1 Fans!

 Jason kept his pace until mile 23 when his back tightened up in extreme pain.  The last three miles he really slowed down, one mile even took him 15 minutes. I could tell when Jason finished that he was really hurting. So his finish time was 3:23.  Still incredible for 26.2 miles!
It was a great way to celebrate Jason for the inspiring, dedicated, determined person that he is. The kids were so proud of their daddy and I am too.  Happy Father's Day Jason!!!


  1. We are proud of you Jason,,,love the Josiah picture and how the kids cheered you on. What a wonderful role model both you and Christine are.

  2. wow!! Amazing job! What an accomplishment!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS JASON! Awesome - and I bet you had the cutest fan club there! :)