Friday, August 12, 2011

Arms of Love Children's Home

Whew. . . it has been a busy week with enough new people and experiences to fill several blogs. We have been at Arms of Love for five days now and have really felt accepted as part of their family. All of the orphaned/ abandoned children are school- aged so normally they are gone at school from 6:30 am- 5:30 pm. This week however the teachers were at a conference so the kids were around Monday- Wednesday. It was the perfect opportunity to learn their names, play some soccer, and get acquainted.

- Josiah and Annette instantly having 26 loving big brothers and sisters AND tons of room to run around
- a good set- up with a house to ourselves (and the only room with air- conditioning and a flushing toilet)
- watching the kids and parents worship with all their hearts in Tagaolog
- being completely inspired and humbled by the ministry of the staff here

- Three days of dissentary and weak achey feeling for me (Christine)
- Zillions of mosquito bites for Annette. We covered her crib with a mosquito net, but didn't realize til the morning there were 3 mosquitos IN the net, so sad
- Reaching the point where a vacation/mission trip would be over and realizing we are just getting started. Having moments of longing to "go home" and remembering there is no home

This is the view from the porch of the house we are staying in

The kids earn allowance by working in the garden

Lots of company while washing clothes

Josiah performing stunts on a tire (:

Every night we eat dinner in a different "home". Arms of love is divided into four homes with house parents.

One afternoon Jason and I were doing crafts with the kids (yes, Jason did crafts and he was awesome!) Josiah decided that he needed our attention and started yanking on some of the kids' projects, including a bracelet that Rollie was making. Annette of course needed attention too and started screaming. Even after all that, when Rollie finished he came over and tied a bracelet on Josiah and Annette's wrists. Later he bought them treats with his meager allowance.

We've been humbled by the generosity and love of the staff and children here and can see that we are going to learn a lot from them.

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  1. I was all choked up half way through your last paragraph about the boy giving your kids bracelets and buying them stuff. Just amazing. I love when God presents Himself that way. I live for those random moments. And I treasure them, as I will treasure this story here. Thanks!