Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jesus in the Philippines

Coming from Hong Kong where every surface imaginable is plastered with advertisments, it has been so refreshing to read the slogans paintited on the back of the motortaxis here. Here are a few that I shot as they sputtered past me today.

And just for fun, a pig in a motortaxi

Apart from the motortaxis ministering to me, I have been so inspired by the devotion of the Filipionos here. They really know what it means to seek the Lord first and find their enjoyment in Him. The children and staff rise at 5:00 am for devotions before doing their chores. Every evening after dinner they also have time of devotions as a home. Other functions we have atteneded also reflect this passion for worship and God's word. There are devotions (I'm not talking 5 minutes, but 45 minutes) before staff meetings, teacher's training, church services, potlucks and even birthday parties. Wednesday night we attended Pastor Tati Bone's 55th birthday party. Before eating, we worshiped and his friend gave an hour long sermon! Josiah said "mommy is Jesus in the Pill-a-peens?" That would be a resounding yes.


  1. wow! How neat for you to be a part of all the worship time... praying for you! Oh, and yes, to you giving me the checkbook in Sept. Sounds like a good plan!

  2. Hey Christine!
    Love this...reminds me of Ghana! Just wanted to let you know that although I've been horrible at communicating with you, I've been reading your blog and praying for you guys. I hope you are all feeling better. Feeling down and out is bad enough... being in a third world country makes it that much more on, my friend. I have no doubts God is using you to spread His joy...miss you around here!

  3. Oh my word! Talk about convicting and inspiring!

    Thanks for this post guys!

    I have no doubt God is going to use you in HUGE ways to minister to these people and the children.

  4. I love the mototaxis! It's great to see a reminder that God is always with you-regardless where you are. It's like -Surprise I'm here!