Saturday, August 6, 2011


We have had a great week in Bohol and have been enjoying unseasonably sunny weather (this is the wet season). Most days we've spent at the beach but we have ventured out on a couple outings to see some unique points- of- interest in Bohol

These are called the Chocolate Mountains, which of course set Josiah up for major disappointment. There are over a thousand individual dome- shaped hills made of grass covered limestone. They turn brown in the winter (thus chocolate)

Not disappointing to the kids were the Terser Monkeys. These endangered species (actually not a monkey, but that doesn't matter) are some the world's tinniest primates and could easily fit inside your hand. We were surprised that they were not in cages, but just hanging out in trees. It was like an Easter egg hunt to find them. They are so docile you can get really close to them and they don't flinch. Aren't they cute?! (in their own way)

The third place we visited was the Bohol Bee Farm. We were prepared for this to be a tourist trap, but it was so well done. It had lodging, a fabulous restaurant, bakery, gift shop, homemade organic ice cream shop (with casava leaf cones), organic farm, tours, and livelihood handicrafts. The Bee Farm provides jobs and housing for 200 Filipinos. Jason and I were both so inspired by what a positive place this was for tourists and locals alike.

THIS was my salad. It was so pretty and yummy.

We are learning the names of all 20 kids are Arms of Love through their pictures online. We are so excited to go meet them tomorrow!!


  1. thinking of you all and smiling to know all is well!!!

  2. I hardly know what to say seeing all the photos, seeing the kids learn and experience such new and exciting things... and this is only the beginning. Thinking and praying for you often :)

  3. OH MY WORD, so much fun! I love seeing all the new things, this is some serious culture!!!

  4. The little monkeys look like Furby's... remember those? Sounds like SOOO much fun! Love it!

  5. looks like you are all having an amazing time! you are in my prayers. love you so much! p.s. your salad looked like a centerpiece!!