Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Buds

My heart is so happy after a wonderful visit with our friends Beth and Gilbert in Yakima, WA. We met Beth and Gil at Biola and Jason was the best man in Gil's wedding. We have not seen much of each other the last eight years, yet when we got together we felt such a unity of spirit.  Caleb and Josiah are a month apart are were best buds. I have never seen four year old boys play so well together. Watching them was like a miniature Jason and Gil- so sweet!

I recruited Beth to sell Mary Kay 10 years ago. I only sold it for a couple months but Beth has gone the distance and is a director and drives a Mary Kay car!! I got to visit her unit meeting and am so proud of what an confident, beautiful person she is! 
Beth and Gilbert have a dream of moving to Zambia (Gilbert's home country) to minister there.  And we have a dream of visiting them there, someday. . . .

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