Thursday, June 7, 2012

Driving Our House

We are still moving in the moment, in this case we are moving our whole house along with us.  My Dad's cousin was so generous to lend us the use of his motorhome.  To us it is a palace. After being in so many different places, most recently a tent, we are loving the little luxuries of motor homing. Everything is conveneintly where you need it thus eliminating all the set up and take down. I love looking at beautiful views as I cook in the kitchen and waking up the sound of rain on the roof as we are snuggled inside. We've been putting around the Pacific Northwest and exploring Olympic National Park  the last four days and will meet up with some old friends this weekend.

 Driving this beast is like sitting on your couch and steering your house. But Jason has been wanting to RV for a long time so he is happy to drive and does a great job.

 Moving to the forefront of our minds is Hong Kong and all of the details that lie ahead for us.  We are trying to use this time to process the past and prepare for the future (summer school, new classes, furniture, flats etc) We just have one more month on the "move".
 Just for your amusement- we stopped in the little town of Sequim, Washington and found the whole place decked out in knitting. We never got an explanation, but I thought it might just make you smile.


  1. how fun! and the knitting did make me smile :o)

  2. What an amazing trip!! And it looks like Josiah has grown a at least a foot taller!! I can't wait to see you when you get back here! I love you all and you are still in my prayers! Love you lots!