Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wild Wild Wyoming

From Story City, IA we headed into the western frontier. We had quite a few long days of driving in the car, which I must say, our kids are doing great with.  To pass the time they fight over, I mean play with their toys, eat (a lot), sing, look out the window, play on the ipad, watch movies, read books and tell stories. I also sit in-between the kids  at times and we have back- seat preschool (everything but finger paint). 
I hit a bit of a slump this week in the trip and started to feel really “over it”. Honestly, I struggled to have a good attitude about exerting time and money when I really just wanted to be done. I had been to these places before (Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole) but Jason has always wanted to.  God reminded me to have his attitude and I couldn’t imagine him pouting, so I committed to finishing well. In the end we had a good time and the scenery was breath taking. 
 We were too cheap to pay to park, so we just took this photo from the road.

 We saw this black bear from the road.  The ranger told us that there was a Grizzly who liked to hang out near our camp, but just to make noise to scare him off.  Since we had Annette along we rested assure that we (and our neighbors) were quite safe. (:
Josiah circled all the wildlife we saw, just about everything but the big horn sheep. 

 Lower Yellowstone Falls- Josiah hiked all the way here and back!

 Jason is in the final training stages of his marathon so I rented a bike with a trailer to accompany and support him along his 20 mile run. It turned out I was the one who needed encouraged as I worked the bike (pulling kids) uphill at 7,000 feet in a thunder storm.  The second half of the ride was delightful as it was downhill and the sun came out. (:  Jason is seriously so amazing, just in case you didn’t know!


  1. I am happy to hear of your safe travels! I know what you mean about changing your attitude to match God. I am working on that, too! You all look so wonderful! I think it is amazing that Jason is involved in all that he is and that you are so supportive and helpful...that must make him feel like he can accomplish anything... and that is so wonderful for your kids to see in both of you!

  2. What a great time and I can see going to the Wild Animal Park or SD Zoo will not be on the top of the kid's list between Africa and the Plains,,, I think you've covered most the animal kingdom!! Pictures are great.

  3. wow, I guess I had forgotten that Jason was running a marathon! good work on the bike/run 20 miles :o)