Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cousin Time!

fort time
 swing time
 tubby time
 make- believe time (at Milwaukee Children's Museum)
 Miller Time!
check out all these cases of beer
 splash in the gutter time
 two year old time
 play time
 Saturday morning football time
 first pony ride time!!
zoo time

Life is really fun and full staying here at my brother's house. There are lots of hugs, giggles, tears, and time- outs everyday. It is so special to have this time together and Josiah would love to never leave.  The adults have been enjoying the time to tell stories, laugh and catch up once in the kids are in bed. We've been staying up way too late, but it's worth it!  Today Jason and I had to chance to share with Erik's Sunday School class on "Hearing God's Voice" which was really cool for us. We'll just be here two more days til we move on.


  1. so fun! I love annette's scruncy face smile!

  2. Yay for WI time!!! :) Looks like you're enjoying it... wish I was there to see you! And... I think it's funny that you guys had "Miller Time"! I can see by your face in the picture that it was totally up your alley! ;) Love you!