Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane (sometimes)

Here is a quick rundown on our last week
 Visiting an Amish Colony in Indiana (I've got a soft spot for Amish)

 Spending a couple days in South Lyon, Michigan with our good friends the Conrows. Alan and Jason have been best buds since Kindergarten.
 Staying a night in with Jason's cousins Chris and Keri in Toronto. It was great getting to see their "world" and catch up with them. 
We loved the diversity in Toronto an exploring the different neighborhoods including China Town
 From Toronto we had a "four" hour drive to Ottawa which turned into NINE hours due to a horrible accident involving two semis. Our car sat on the highway hours without moving an inch. Everyone was out of their cars talking to pass the time.  The kids found lots of creative ways to entertain themselves and those around us. 

 When we finally starting inching along Jason let Josiah "drive"which made his day!

We came to Ottawa to attend a conference called Power and Love.  Jason attended a Power and Love conference in Connecticut three years ago and it was really significant shaping his own identity in Christ and how he ministered to others. Half of the conference is spent in the church meeting and the other half takes place on the streets of Ottawa. The focus is on activating people to reach out to others with the love and power of Jesus. 


  1. After you leave here on Tuesday, are you going somewhere else in Wisconsin? Because we could go up to my amish friends house north of Madison and probably get you a buggy ride..............:):)

  2. Have fun at the conference! Can't wait to hear all about what you learn there.