Sunday, May 13, 2012

Inspirational Mothers

Remember these mamas? These women are my heroes.  They work from early morning til sunset providing for their family what I can supply in three minutes by turning on the faucet and opening the refrigerator.  Being a mom is hard work in any context, but especially when it is such a struggle to just survive. The strength in a mother's heart to love sacrificially, relentlessly, and against all odds is a beautiful and powerful thing. 

Now meet some other inspirational mamas.  After hearing about the clinic in Meize Village they decided to take action.  This group of women organized a potluck dinner and raised $1,150 for the mamas!!  That could take a Mozambican three years to earn.  Imagine the life- giving milk that money will provide.  

And here is my amazing mama (right) who shared about the ministry with the ladies that night.  
Happy Mother's Day Moms, you inspire me!


  1. add yourself to that amazing list of amazing Mamas...

  2. great pictures of the african mammas!

  3. I was going to write exactly what Sara wrote...ditto to that...YOU are an amazing Mama!