Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old McDonald Had a. . . . Birthday

Josiah has (nearly) three cousins that share his birthday. It has always been a dream of mine to all celebrate together. My amazing sister- in- law Laura planned a farm themed party that we had at her parents' beautiful farm in Iowa. It was such a fun time of laughing, eating, playing and best of all just being together!
Olivia- May 1, 2005, Soren- May 1, 2009, Josiah- May 1, 2008, Anya- May 3, 2010

Annette and Anya are only a month apart and quite a pair

The farm really has sheep and chickens- don't you love it!!

We brought a bunch of hay in the garage (it was freezing outside) that had coins hidden in it. The kids hunted for the money and collected it in their little pails. Notice the little sheep behind Josiah? 

There were 20 pregnant ewes on the farm and about half gave birth before we got there, and 2 gave birth while we were there. I was in love and they even gave me some cuddles.

The sleeping new born lamb.

More tractor photos. . . 
 Steve and Bev gave us a horse pulled wagon ride around their farm which was a fun end to a wonderful day!


  1. SOOO fun! Wow! Looks like you are having a blast with the cousins! family birthdays are the best! I hope your birthday package is waiting for you in WI!

  2. OH MY WORD! Good planning Laura, and what a fun time to all be together!

  3. I love the cake and all the pictures, the one of Josiah by himself I thought was Soren (as I remembered him a few yrs ago!) I guess the water balloons were not weather appropriate :( sorry 'bout that